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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Final Experience with Ms Arnol

Wow!! Today was my big day, “why?” I had my finals with Ms. Arnol today. Since, I started the University Of Classic with Style CWS I never interacted with Ms. Arnol besides I IM her maybe a few times to ask her could I still participate in a styling show if I make it in time after work. She was pleasant, responding with a rapid response letting me know that I would still be able to participate.  In the styling shows I never get to interact with her either, because she is busy and occupied with the styling show.  Therefore, I wasn’t so at lease doing my finals in front of her by myself like I am in front of the Executive trainers (ET). Never the less, the only thing that gave me confidence during my finals with Ms. Arnol was her professional people skills (I don’t have to say anymore that answers it all concerning Ms. Arnol).  If I could place a note card (NC) in a suggest box as feedback to the management personnel back stage, I would suggest Ms. Arnol coming from behind the scene in order to engage more with the Students at a certain level. I mentioned a certain level because I know CWS has to maintain their professionalism in the industry.

Thank you! Ms. Arnol


Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Fashion Show

Classic with Style Fashion Show
The fashion show was spectacular, I was fortunate to watch the ladies practice before the fashion show. I even got the opportunity to take a peek behind the scene. All the ladies were in lovely gowns and absolutely gorgeous. I viewed the ladies ARC, and the lowest one that I noticed was Ms. Mesange Acacia. She had a #187 ARC range. Such a low ARC, and yet! She was very beautiful, and stunning. Furthermore, I noticed how Laylah was performing on stage. She was incredible; she was walking with confidence and would walk directly on the middle of the gold dots on the stage. I said to myself “Wow! She is good; I want to be just like that one day “Simply the Best”! “  The ladies are really professionals, and simply the best.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Event: Styling Wizard of Oz Theme!

O! Boy, Wow!! I am very speechless, When I walked out on that stage last night I had no idea awww!! the brilliant judges didn't even know I would be selected out of the three contestants that won. I jumped up and down 3x times excited. I want to thank Ms. Arnol and the other judges for their wise judging. And a big shout out to all the trainers that trained me for such an occasion.

Debbie           Lisana                Thank yawl! wonderful ladies. I also want to thank the models for
     Vicky         Tiffani                                                                

giving me a helping hand with getting started.    Marya, SD Damiano & last but lease my big sister Ladysunfire, Thanks for being there for me, I really appreciate all the help and support. And I want to aknowledge all my classmates for sportmanship, friendship, support, their leadership skills, and team work,                           

              Kiwi                Rain            and            Aphrodite    Hooray!!! for me :0)


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Event: Fashion Show 'Bliss Couture

“Bliss Couture”!!

Wow! What a radiant team of models, they really rocked the Dome’s “Runway”. The Bliss Couture was a phenomenal splendid model show. I enjoyed watching the ladies stepping out in style by utilizing their techniques in order to allow their beautiful avatars illustrate professionalism. The ladies practice, hard, and worked collectively for the success of the Bliss Couture. I want to give a big shout out to all the trainers at Classic with Style (CWS). Ladies, yawl did awesome.