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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Final Experience with Ms Arnol

Wow!! Today was my big day, “why?” I had my finals with Ms. Arnol today. Since, I started the University Of Classic with Style CWS I never interacted with Ms. Arnol besides I IM her maybe a few times to ask her could I still participate in a styling show if I make it in time after work. She was pleasant, responding with a rapid response letting me know that I would still be able to participate.  In the styling shows I never get to interact with her either, because she is busy and occupied with the styling show.  Therefore, I wasn’t so at lease doing my finals in front of her by myself like I am in front of the Executive trainers (ET). Never the less, the only thing that gave me confidence during my finals with Ms. Arnol was her professional people skills (I don’t have to say anymore that answers it all concerning Ms. Arnol).  If I could place a note card (NC) in a suggest box as feedback to the management personnel back stage, I would suggest Ms. Arnol coming from behind the scene in order to engage more with the Students at a certain level. I mentioned a certain level because I know CWS has to maintain their professionalism in the industry.

Thank you! Ms. Arnol


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  1. I want to say thank you! CWS staff members for helping me to transform from newbie to a more better looking sophisticated avatar.